Senin, 19 Oktober 2009

basic motorcycle painting

Historically, the art of abstract painting is closely related to the picture. Prehistoric relics show that since thousands of years ago, human ancestors had begun making drawings on cave walls for imaging important parts of their lives.

All cultures in the world to know the art of painting. This is because an abstract painting or drawing is very easy to make. A painting or drawing can be made only by using simple materials such as charcoal, chalk, or other materials. One popular technique is drawing prehistoric cave people is to put a hand on the wall of the cave, then chew spout with leaves or stone-colored minerals.

At first, the development of painting (eg: abstract painting) is associated with the development of human civilization. Language system, how to survive (scavenging, hunting and setting a trap, farming), and trust (as the origin of the religion) are the things that affect the development of painting art. The influence is seen in the types of objects, images and narratives in them. At this time, painting has a special purpose, such as media recorders (painting in the form of a way) to *** langkisahkan. Leisure moments in prehistoric times one filled with drawing and painting. How to communicate using pictures eventually stimulates the formation of the letter writing system because it actually comes from the symbols and images that simplified and standardized.

At one point, there are certain people in a group of prehistoric people who spend more time drawing than looking for food like that in a painting gallery or a gallery of abstract paintings. They began to make pictures and good start to find that the shape and composition of a particular form, when arranged in such a way, would appear to be more interesting to see than usual. They began to find some sort of ideals, sense of beauty in its activities and continue to do that so that they become more expert. They are artists first on earth and that's when drawing activity (in the gallery painting gallery painting or abstract) and the painting began to lean into the art activities.

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